We handle the technology side of your business

Technology can transform your business and liberate competitive advantage to phases that can't be predicted. All that you need to do is buckle up with the right partners. We make sure that no matter where our client stands in the financial or fame ladder, services offered are not compromised even to the slightest bit. Believing in responsive environment with our clients and providing all necessary support irrespective of the time or cost constrains has always kept us going forward.

Our Services
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Who we are?

We are a technology company providing quality and cost effective technology services in web application development, big data analytics and mobile application development. Our team has proven skill in executing startup projects, MVP Development to Enterprise Applications. Know more about us

What we do?

From technology consultation and business analysis to Application development, DevOp Solutions, performance fine tuning and remote infrastructure support, we offer customised IT services designed to meet all your software related needs. More about our services

Get in touch

If you are looking for a team for product development or technology consultation, feel free to contact us anytime. We can setup an initial consultation at no charge to identify your need and to start a new relation.

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Experienced and Enthusiastic

Rather than the quantity we believe in real quality. Grapelime is a team of 'handpicked' and smart young technology experts who finds thrill in working and solving complex challenges together. Even our junior most developer is well acquainted with our routine of learning analysing the business side of our projects, handling client communication with clarity, running well written testcases and security checks to ensure stability, security and usability to ensure the high quality output that we set the benchmark at.

Our Approach to the Work

Having worked on both sides of the world, we know what works and what not when working remotely. We strive hard to ensure that distance or language should not be a barrier in customer engagement and work quality. The practices, policies and methodologies that we follow ensures that our client always get the comfort of working with a home team backing up his business

Our Mission and Vision

Our mission is to Empower every member of our team, to think and dream along with our customers to improve there business with the power of technology and thereby enjoy the satisfaction of creation, beyond completion of a task.

Our Happy Clients

Not Just Solutions We Build, But Long Lasting Relations

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