Administration Management System For Educational Institution

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Web ERP Solution For Education Domain

Client Profile

Our client is a prominent service provider in the Technical, Inspection and Certification Industry (TIC) with nationwide presence in more than 100 locations. Apart from being service providers they have also emerged as one of the leading academic institutions. Expanding each day has inturn resulted in increasing data and lack of data management efficiency. The initial low profile institution management software developed resulted in inadequacy and complete mess that's when the client approached Grapelime resulting in rebuilding the software with utmost stability.

Business Requirement

The client wanted a platform from which he could monitor all the enrolment taking place along with the fee status and tracking the present stage followed by generating the certificates accordingly by making records that could be used for future needs.

Project Overview

The project involved development of a software application that covers the entire activities of an educational institution right from the enrolment of a student to the final phase of certificate generation. We helped develop an Institution management system (IMS) with a single platform that can be used by multiple actors according to the assigned roles. The application is created in such a way that each actor is assigned different login and they can manage the roles allocated to them in their panel.

Grapelime Solution

Grapelime developed a Web application that covers up all services of an educational institution. Considering the fact that the institution has multiple branches offering several courses and different payment schemes has helped us built an application that would cover up all issues in regards to organizing their daily enrolments and status of each candidate. Once the candidate has completed the course period successfully, the certificates will be queued up and printed on the approval of the respective authority. As a second part the application also has provision to make necessary updates when a candidate wishes to transfer from one course to another and update the migration procedures accordingly.

Features & Functionality

The application consists of four actors with the necessary roles assigned to each.


  • Can view all enrolments and details of each student.
  • Can look up fee status of each student based on various parameters.
  • All courses available in different branches can be viewed or updated.
  • Provision to view or update Certificate queue sequence and Marklist.
  • Actors can be added/deleted based on their roles.
  • Students can migrate from one course to other considering the exams earlier attended.

Actor- Marklist

  • Students can be added/viewed/edited.
  • Can view the complete Marklist and examination attended with respect to the branch.
  • Institutions can be added/viewed/edited.
  • Courses can be added/viewed/edited based on the institution.
  • Certificate received date can be viewed.
  • Option to export Marklist status.

Actor- Certificate

  • Students can be added/viewed/edited.
  • Based on the marklist, certificate of each student will be updated.
  • On uploading the certificate pdf, details can be printed or print preview can be viewed.
  • Restriction to generate the certificate if there is due in fee status.
  • Search option based on register number and certificate handover date.
  • Option to export Certificate status.

Actor- Fee

  • Can manage/view/update fee status of students.
  • Elaborated search option based on institute number, student name, address, contact number etc.
  • View/update fee status based on branches and courses handles.


  • Apache web server
  •  Database - MySQL
  •  Language - Php Version 5

End Result

  • Helps to keep track on all activities taking place at different branches through a single panel.
  • Traffic updates helps to analyze whether to make remote website of a particular hotel.
  • Certificates are generated purely based on marklist and fee status.
  • Certificate format are uploaded as pdf making it easy to modify the certificate look and feel with time.

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