Opportunity Tracking Application For Research Professionals

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Android Mobile Application For Education Domain

Client Profile

Our client is an Indian based career development and soft skill training professional. The main reason behind bringing the concept of developing their brand as a mobile application was to reach their goal to providing a platform to all the needful person in search of career and a thrive to know regarding technology trend.

Business Requirement

The client wanted a specialized career application for technology professionals and companies. The mobility platform would be a solution for knowing the latest technology and provide reliable job opportunities that could drive in a large traffic by the job seekers and ultimate stop for tracking on Job Market and Companies.

Project Overview

The project involves development of a mobile application mainly for the research and development professionals and companies to have access to the latest technology news and job vacancies. These job vacancies can be uploaded by authorized companies which further requires confirmation by the admin to be visible on the application. The application also has a feature to pickup latest news based on leading companies in the Job Market from predefined location with periodic updation.

Grapelime Solution

Grapelime developed a mobile application that works seamlessly on Android and iOS devices. The application was indented to provide latest technology news of all research and development centers and provision for the companies to post their latest technology and job vacancies if any, which was the clients basic need. Grapelime elaborated the functionalities inorder to receive better market value. Extra features such as job aspirants could give a direct interest to the job post further helping the company to reach out to the interested candidate was one of the major reason for the application to turn out to be successful within a short period itself. An additional feature was also proposed by Grapelime which was the ability to comment & share the news post in the application so as to bring better interaction.

Grapelime developed an application suite that includes

  • Mobile app - Android & iOS
  • Client software - Content management system

Features & Functionality

  • Seamless application to read news, tech related articles & job vacancies. .
  • Admin approved companies can have a company profile page which requires admin permission for each update that they make.
  • Provision for applicants to directly apply for the job vacancy.
  • News feeds and tech articles can be shared in social media.
  • News with certain tags can be collected from predefined location which requires admin permission before the news is visible in the application.
  • Search based on job matching tag and location of job vacancy.
  • Feature for selecting the option for receiving periodic news letters from the admin.


  • Apache web server
  • Database - MySQL
  • Language - Php
  • Platform - Ionic , Material design

End Result

  • The application was successfully published and downloaded by job seekers, employees & employers at massive rate.
  • Viewer comments on news helped to bring better interaction and participation of the users.
  • Registered Companies could find their resources by placing their job vacancy post.
  • Users could have a better view of registered companies from their detail company profile page.

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