Stabilize your application life cycle with our

QA & Testing Services

We mix the right amount of technology with planning, analysis and business knowledge
to prepare flawless test plans that work.

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Quality Assurance and Testing

With the advancement of technology into everyday life, your customer expects world-class experience with every interaction. From Usabiity to Performance to Security, expectations are high.

You need an end to end Quality Assurance Solution right from the start of the application development to meet the expectations. A thorough process oriented testing enables the software to have seamless customer experiences and low maintenance.

Our QA team meets this challenge with industry best practices and effective testing tools. We mix the right amount of technology with planning, analysis and business knowledge to prepare flawless test plans that work. Our team manages to eliminate possible roadblocks by orchestrating a multi prong strategy in Quality Assurance.

  • Functional Testing
  • Security Testing
  • Performance Testing
  • Scalability Testing
  • Test Automation

What We Do?

What you get from our Quality Assurance Services

Dissective test scenarios

Devising detailed test scenarios that touch every functional flow is the key. Well constructed test scenarios with an accurate execution plan helps in assessing the functional quality of an application that is in conformance with its business requirements.
The skilled quality assurance team at Grapelime improves the quality of your software by laying a good foundation with test scenarios.

Security testing For Protection

The rapid rise in data breaches and cyber attacks makes it vital to ensure that your application contains no vulnerability that can be misused to gain access to sensitive data.
Security and Penetration testing exposes the hidden vulnerabilities and helps to secure the application from future attacks.

SEO Testing for higher traffic

While user friendliness and performance is important for a web app, optimizing it for search engines is important to ensure traffic and traction. SEO Testing validates that the set of standard practices critical for search engine optimisation are taken care at the development stage. Our SEO testing ensures that the web pages are optimized for smooth search bot crawling.

Accelerate with Automation

Manual testing has its limitations in a highly agile test environment especially with enterprise level applications.
Writing Custom Scripts and using tools to automate the testing process in repeated cycles is the preferred method adopted in such scenarios. Testing Tools and Frameworks are decided in the initial planning phase itself based on the need.
Our Testers are experienced in writing custom scripts to automate test cases in scenarios where an existing tool is not effective.

Compatibility testing For Reach

With the digital world expanding to multiple types of devices and browsers the need for your application to adapt to different environments became crucial. With a large volume of customers preferring mobile devices while the conventional user is still accessing from laptops the need to ensure compatibility across devices is important.
We have the process perfected to cover these scenarios. With our best practices and tools we ensure that your application is tested for compatibility across all main channels of engagement.

Meet the growth with load testing

Your system performs very differently than normal circumstances under stress. Planning for this is important. By Load Testing we simulate how your application performs when hundreds or thousands of users use it simultaneously.
Indicators like response time, CPU consumption, memory leakage which shows normal levels may show alarming results under load testing which might require immediate developer attention.
The Quality Assurance team at Grapelime ensures that your application undergoes sufficient load testing to avoid a critical failure in a critical juncture in the future.