Leverage your business with key insights with our

Data & AI Services

We handle the channeling, storage, analysis and visualization of data
to decipher key business insights.

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Data and AI Services

Solving complex organizational and business problems by leveraging data is the key to modern business. Valuable insights hidden in raw data can be explored by data analytics and artificial intelligence.
Grapelime has expert data scientists and analysts to handle various steps in this process. We manage the channeling of data, its storage, transformation, analysis and effective visualization to decipher key insights.

Our global expertize and knowledge in the latest technologies and strategies gives your business the edge to take advantage of AI.
We combine reliable, state of the art solutions on top of your existing data architecture to accelerate your journey towards automated workflows and modern data fabric at various levels.

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Artificial Intelligence

Predictive Analysis of data from diverse sources to identify patterns and trends to make connections and fix issues before they actually happen.

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Business Intelligence

Understand the available data in the right context and from varying perspectives to identify opportunities. Inference can be made with the help of customized specific charts, graphs and reports.

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Data Warehousing

The steady influx of large volumes of heterogeneous structured and unstructured data, images and video feeds need efficient technical and strategic solutions for management and processing. We guide you to channel the data from different sources, store them, process and archive them based on the business needs.

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Robotic Process Automation

Automation of repeated processes based on preset rules improves accuracy and efficiency.We help you identify the processes in your business that can be automated

Artificial Intelligence

How to harness the power of Data with AI

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Optical character recognition (OCR)

Identify and process data from various image sources using intelligent image-processing algorithms

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Search, Classification & Analytics

Analyse millions of data points across internet with Search API's and powerful algorithms

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Prediction & Recommendation

Derive meaningful insights and suggestions from your data with intelligent algorithms

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Natural Language Processing

Process Spoken Audio for text conversion, voice recognition and sentiment analysis

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