You have a great Idea, But not sure on the next steps?

Experts at Team Grapelime can help to take you to the next step. !!

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Roadmap Service From Grapelime

Takes your Idea closer to reality

We study your idea by closely working with you. We analyze, scope, design and come up with a precise Roadmap on How to convert the idea into a quality business application.

With the Roadmap we created, you could make informed, risk free decision on the next steps.

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We make your spending stress-free for you to have the perfect control.

Roadmap is a sequential process of brainstorming, analysis, design and delivery to create a plan that takes your idea to the next level

  • Discussions and brainstorming with you to study and elaborate on the idea.
  • Feasibility Analysis on major use cases
  • Scoping out of core functionality and use cases
  • High Level Architecture of the System
  • Best Development Methodology specific to the system
  • Mockups of Major Page UI’s Of the Application
  • High Level Estimation of Time and Resource needed

What is the deliverable and when?

Why Us?

Team Grapelime is an application development team consisting of Quality Web/Mobile Application developers and UI experts guided by experienced product leads.

We have a remarkable experience, process and work culture perfected over years, working remotely with startups and engineering teams.You could learn more about us.

Value we bring to your project:

  • Our Business Domain Expertize gained from implementing advanced application projects over a wide array of business domains could help in detailing and perfecting the business flows according to the customer needs.
  • Our Technical Expertize in implementing advanced applications and complex integrations could be helpful in designing the perfect technology roadmap for the product.
  • Our in depth understanding of Usability and Interaction Design patterns can help in developing a UI flow based on the exact customer persona and preferences.
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What is included in Roadmap Document

Solution Aspects

  • The Problem Definition
  • Target Customer Definition
  • Solution Definition
  • Feasibility Analysis

Functional Aspects

  • Primary Actors Definition
  • Primary Use Cases Definition
  • Functional Scoping
  • UI Mockups

Technology Aspects

  • Implementation Technology Definition
  • Infrastructure Definition
  • High Level Architecture/System Design

Implementation Aspects

  • Implementation Strategy Definition
  • Highlevel Time & Resource Estimation