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We focus on delivering Reliable, Secure and Cost Effective cloud solutions
specific to your business needs.

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Identifying the right cloud service fit for your business

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Architecting and Implementing a pragmatic cloud strategy



Development of Cloud Native Services



Continuous monitoring to ensure availability and optimized performance

What We Do?

Cloud Solution tailored to the specific needs of your business

The expert team at Grapelime can guide your business to take advantage of the cloud infrastructure and options available based on your business needs and budget.

We follow an end to end approach from strategic factors of cloud adoption, complexities of cloud migration to security and infrastructure management.

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With the diverse array of cloud service providers, it is difficult to pick the right provider unless you are an expert in the domain. Grapelime compares the vendors with respect to your specific needs and provides you with a clear solution. To balance the technology, cost, risks and your business objectives we orchestrate different deployment models.
Once your cloud ecosystem setup is complete we can maintain your infrastructure with continuous monitoring and technical support.

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What We Do?

What you get from our cloud consulting services

Cloud Strategy

To compare providers, adopt and plan the right infrastructure, implementation of cloud data migration and development

Feasibility Study

Assessment of your cloud migration strategy with realistic data and ROI to help with an informed decision making.

Design, Development and Maintenance of Cloud Apps and Services

Development of Cloud applications based on your cloud infrastructure and service selections, including CI/CD pipelines.

Cloud Migration

Migration of your legacy services and data to the cloud. We help you prioritize the apps, processes, data and services to be migrated. We help to choose the right platform - private, public or hybrid based on your business needs.

Cloud Cost Optimization

The cloud platforms have provided flexible infrastructure and service options to fit any level of business needs. However organizations when migrating to cloud often make the mistake of planning a wrong cloud strategy due to lack of expertize that results in huge cost inefficiencies. As an experienced cloud partner, we help you optimize your cloud budget while ensuring the most efficient cloud strategy for your business

Cloud Monitoring

Our cloud monitoring services consist of regular analysis of KPIs at various levels. Regular monitoring of system availability, latency, response, security and cost is essential. Cloud monitoring helps in proper optimization of services and infrastructure for optimum performance and cost management.

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Your benefits from our Cloud Consulting Services

We focus on delivering highly reliable and secure cloud solutions with optimal budget calibration and business specific DevOp processes for every project.

  • Reduced Migration Cost
  • Optimized Monthly Cost
  • Efficient Development
  • High Performance
  • Enhanced Security
  • Reliability