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UX and UI Design Overview

Even when the general goal is good user experience, the term is highly relative. The meaning of usability is different for different customers. The behavioral pattern is different and the usage scenario is different.

A seasoned UI/UX team studies the end customer persona, understands the behavioral pattern and designs UI interactions based on this learning. We could guide you in the journey of understanding your customer behavior pattern and design intelligent user interfaces.

Our UI/UX design journey traverses through the following steps every time to create successful user experiences.

  • Analysis
  • User Interface Architecture
  • Wireframe Development
  • Dynamic Prototype
  • Agile Improvement

Creating Positive User Experiences

A good user experience design fully entertains and engages the end customer while ensuring that the business goal is met every time.

At Grapelime, we have cultivated the culture of thinking customer interaction first in our DNA. Our designers, developers and QA experts work together to create magical user interfaces.

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Interactive UX For Mobile Apps

The size limitation of a mobile screen creates a challenge in designing complex interfaces for mobile applications. Unlike a keyboard or mouse, touch is more humane and thus a mobile interface connects with the user in more levels than anything else.

We study the usage behavior of the target customers. For example the scenario of a 60 year old man using a utility application is different from a teenager exploring a social networking app. We develop storyboards capturing the users journey and create effective prototypes to perfect the user experience.

Analyze Now

Wonder how intutive is your app now? Check your current usability score free with us.

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Data Driven Design

Your application user interface should evolve based on real data and its relevance. Gathering real data from real users is critical to user centered, data driven UI/UX design.

Evaluating real data helps to create a visual UI hierarchy that connects with real user in actual usage scenarios. Our expert team at Grapelime could help you to identify key customers, relevant data points and perfect user flows.