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DevOps Services

We model your DevOps strategy based on the
streamline workflow process automation of Development, Testing & Monotoring.

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Our Approach

Evolving to the DevOp model requires change in team structure, process, tools and attitude. Grapelime can help your organization to shift the process,culture and technology to harness the power of enabling DevOp services.

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Assessment and Planning

We analyze your process, tools and practices to identify the current state. Then we create a roadmap visualizing the desired state and steps to reach there.We identify KPIs to measure the progress and readiness.

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Creation of an alpha framework and toolset

We create an alpha framework to implement the DevOp setup. We setup the tools and extend your existing tools and build the ecosystem required to run the continuous development and delivery pipeline.

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Setup Process and Knowledge Base

We set up processes and references required to efficiently run the pipeline. An important step is to enhance people skills and culture to manage the setup.

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End to End Implementation

We Design, Build,Automate and Integrate the DevOp workflow as per the need of the project.

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How It Works?

Advantages of enabling DevOp Service in your business


Improves the efficiency of development and maintenance


Eliminates the risks in continuous deployments


Reduces cost and time in error handling and recovery


Improves synergy between development and operation teams

What We Do?

What is included in our DevOp Consultancy Services

Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery ( CI/CD)

Setup the pipeline to continuously develop and deploy with high efficiency and minimal risk. The quality and efficiency is ensured by automating the testing and deployment processes.


Package the application and its environment, dependencies and standard configurations as light, self sufficient units which can be easily set up. Containerization ensures the portability of your application.

Infrastructure Management

We automate the provisioning of servers based on the scale and demand of the application. We manage the real time scaling up of servers,eliminate the server state mismatch and optimize the infrastructure based on cost and traffic demands at any given point of time.We monitor the infrastructure and application to identify any failed transaction or security breaches or failure in availability.

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