Education Platform For STEM Based Learning And Scientific Experimentation

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Web Application built for Education Sector

Client Profile

Our client belongs to the education background with several years of on-hand teaching experience as well as a consultant of renowned education institutions all over India. He is well known for Conducting seminars and theory classes for lectures as well as students regarding how STEM based education can bring a difference in the student's caliber. The client had a clear idea of the solution he wanted to bring forward and the market that he was focusing on but considered it technically challenging untill he met Grapelime.

Project Overview

The project is mainly to change the stereotype method of classroom learning and bring a system in which the students take up learning with high interest and as a series of self driven analysis and experiments. The system is designed in such a way to improve students to have a better learning curve and deeper knowledge of each subjects individually as well as in group basis.

Grapelime Solution

Considering the advantage of our client having a solid ground in education system and extracting the current within the box teaching concept, we used an agile iterative approach and molded an MVP that redefined all the complex functional points into effective and lighter functionality. Which inturn resulted in releasing the alpha version quicker that imagined and gave a clear picture on how to develop further in areas of gamification scores and bring a healthy competitive spirit in the class. Our concept of knowledge bank in the system with respect to each subject lesson brought great reviews from the client side as students felt it as a quick capsule rvision at the time of assessments and exams.

Features & Functionality

  • Organization Admin has a flexible panel for managing the entities such as students, teachers, parents as well as the subject and lesson management, and also a provision for reviewing the performance reports of students.
  • Teachers can prepare a highly effective model of covering the lesson knowledge by taking the students through a series of lesson specific activities.
  • The system will engage and help the students to follow the interactive training program and independently learn the lessons.
  • Students will be introduced to STEM based education and lean engineering concepts while undergoing the learning process through the system.
  • Teachers and parents can closely monitor the progress and learning curve of the students in different time intervals.
  • Gamification and social interactions of the platform ensures customer engagement and builds a stronger user bond across the system.


  • Web technology - LAMP stack,HTML5,CSS3 & JQuery
  •  Mobile Platform - Ionic , Material design
  •  Language-PHP
  • Database-MySQL
  • Cloud Platform-Amazon AWS

End Result

  • The product is still in its iterative advancements stage and reached a milestone in which it meets the requirements of several education institutions.
  • Significantly improved the learning interest of students based on all category by bringing a new concept of studying.
  • Activity based studying has brought the learnings easier and helped the students to improve the self studying skills.
  • Saves the time of teachers by conducting online practice test of each students and generating scores immediately.
  • Class wise reports is generated which helps the teacher to evaluate the area in which majority of students are weak in and hence the teacher can know which topics to focus more.

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