Investment Portfolio Management Application - Case Study

Investment Portfolio Management Application - Case Study Image

Big Data Solution For Financial And Investment Domain

Client Profile

Our client resides in the bay region of North America and well versatile in technology and current market trends. Having clear cut idea on what the forthcoming demand will be, has lead to the upcoming of this project. The clients agitated concept of outsourced project development has become counter contradictory after flagging with Grapelime.

Business Requirement

The client wanted data analysis & aggregator applications typically aggregating data across specified domain and collectively representing it in wordings and pictorial view to reduce the complexity of user interpretation. Further, any change in the statistics of the domain should influence the application without any traces of lump and with utmost accuracy.

Project Overview

The project is mainly targeting the business lagoons or investors who are looking forward to acquire a start up or research on a early stage company. The system leverages extensive machine learning and specific crawler with indexing part that obtain data from over 50 different proprietary sources to consolidate all the information to a single place. Over all layout and user experience are designed in such a manner that the user is satisfied by the data available and thereby reduce the need to refer further. The aggregator makes sure that data acquired from differed sources are merged together and act as a single mold.

Grapelime Solution

Grapelime categorized the entire system into modules. Each module has distinguishable roles which are tightly coupled and act as a single unit.


  • Data analysis: This is a search engine limited only to the specified domains. All necessary data regarding the company is accessed. Data is analyzed and further categorized to user friendly look and feel.
  • Data Refining: The user may want to look up startups or company based on a specific geographical area or based on specific categories. The application is inbuilt with facilities to filter based on the user needs .
  • Data representation: Data acquired from multiple sources are validated and represented in graphical as well as user understandable keywords. Collective information from different sources are mentioned depicting the inception of the data. Thus making sure that aggregator has covered up the vital sources.

Features & Functionality

  • User can filter the search(eg. Continent, company name, category, funding).
  • Clearly depicts the number of search results based on the users filter.
  • User has provision to add a company and analyze the scores if the URL is known.
  • Companies can be added to customized list or achieved, thus viewing it easily and making sure that no updates are missed.
  • Provision to view the founders of the company and connect to them directly via their social media accounts.
  • Portraying all the basic details such as location, employee density, money raised of the tracked company.
  • Brief details regarding the client side, server side and analytical technologies used.
  • Automated score calculation based on the collective data received from predefined sites.


  • Web technology- LAMP stack,HTML5,CSS3,AngularJS
  • Language-PHP
  • Database MySQL, MongoDB
  • Cloud Platform-Amazon AWS

End Result

  • Helps the users to understand if the company fits the required thesis and model.
  • Rapid search result since all the information is available about the company in a single place including technology, funding, entrepreneur background and financials.
  • Reports and news feeds are available at gust helping to perform detail analysis about the tracking company.

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