IOT Application for electronic System Control Automation

IOT Application for electronic System Control Automation Image

Web Application of IOT implementation in Small and large scale industry

Client Profile

US based client who got in touch with the technical consultant of Grapelime to have a detail analysis of their product before they hit the market. That's when we saw a major functionality that could be covered up and result the output to a new tangent in terms of sales and usability. So without much delay the client had taken measures to onboard our top skilled resource to carry the project forward.

Business Requirement

The project had a fully functioning version but needed a completely new segment to the existing build that matches appropriately and send compatible signals in respect of the initial version as well. The addition of chained event and its systematic event occurring situation is to be grasped as not each event leads to same new event. The situations and background events need to be captured and analyzed accordingly to process the next event.

Project Overview

The project redefines how embedded system works and the sophisticated remote internet control and detailed logging to a Iot of things that are able to be seen or controlled on the web. It connects to most existing security systems, switch between normal and unoccupied area thermostats for vacation homes, let you know when the kids are home, or when the dog came in and in every possible event to be tracked. It involves normal switched circuits or outputs from wine chillers, water sensors and almost everything else to know when an event has occurred in your home or business. All you need to do is plug in the hardware device, connect to the internet and start hooking up your devices.

Grapelime Solution

The system was required to capture an event and initiate a new event. The challenging situation here was to calculate the series of event taking place, only if the initiation of the first event was due to a particular action the chained event should occur. Since there is an extensive usage of several 3rd party independent signals required, what we implemented was an option to add alternative method to analyze if the scenario required for the chain event to occur has happened. So that even if we fail to receive one response we open a second channel to check if the required signal is received and there by the series of chained activity does not fail.

Features & Functionality

Apart from making changes in UI and adding more CRUD layers, to bring in the new functionality of cascaded triggering of independent remotii to the core , without structurally disturbing the existing product, Grapelime Team architect a more innovative strategy.

We introduced the concept of Chained events, and optimized the workflow with minimal impact, while placing the chained events at the heart of the system. Most of the logic's were reused, and the changes where well generalized.

In principle, most of the work is done on a whiteboard and the optimized solution is coded into the system. We made the change in less than 4-5 weeks and the new cascaded event flow is rolled out to the client.


  • Web technology- LAMP stack,HTML5,CSS3
  • Language - PHP, Java
  • Database- MySQL

End Result

  • The user can manage several things from remote location.
  • Can be used as a security system configured at house, workplace etc and receive alerts if an unexpected situation occurs.
  • Can reduce manual time consumption of daily activity that can be done automatically using the application.
  • Keeps a log of the events that has happened and can use it for future reference.

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