Mobile App or Mobile Friendly Website, How to decide ?

Mobile App or Mobile Friendly Website, How to decide ? Image

When it comes to taking up decisions with respect to technology, even the pioneers face the reluctance to respond without a second thought. Applications are flowing in abundance these days and even before the foundation for a business is elevated, discussions may arise regarding what kind of application to be opted.

Mobile applications can be categorized as hybrid or native, more details can be referred from Hybrid Vs Native mobile application. Mobile applications can only flourish if they turn out to be a necessity more than just a want. For eg. if we consider Uber(Multinational online transportation networking company), the users are enforced to use the application inorder to hire a cab, thereby downloading the application is not considered as a big pain since it can be used on daily basis. Casting the die on Mobile application purely lies on its usability, i.e if the application will be used periodically. There is no point in developing a mobile application that turns out to be a boon for ones or couple of times.

Mobile friendly websites are those which are compactable with machine and mobile at the same time. The website is purely responsive and compactable with any device. The main advantage of websites over mobile application is that they need not be installed or updated. Website can be used at ease without seeking or installing it from any sort of app store. Moreover the torture of updating it now and then in the case of mobile application does not stand a chance for mobile friendly websites.

Making a choice on mobile application or mobile friendly application depends on its purpose and relevance. For going through a company profile users will visit the website rather than taking the effort to install  the application. Similarly, for a user who plays games via his handheld device often, application will be more convenient.

Grapelime InfoTech provides the legitimate solution whether to choose mobile application, mobile friendly website or maybe both. Making the right decision at the right time is what matters ultimately. We are well experienced and versatile in our software solutions with happy as well as satisfied clients all around the globe.

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