Accounting Financial Travel in Automobile Sector- Case study

Accounting Financial Travel in Automobile Sector- Case study Image

Web Application for tracking Millage and location Log

Client Profile

Our client resided in Canada and runs a large scale automobile agency along with his associates and has a wide range of options of vehicle booking and billing. The point that he approached us was when he wanted to redefine the outlook between personal rides and business purpose rides and leverage the business accordingly.

Project Overview

The project is mainly to improve the analysis of car mileage covered and driver's annual ride based on work related or personal rides. It is basically used for the deduction of motor vehicle expenses incurred for the purpose of earning income. We can consider it as a personalized logbook of business travel maintained for the entire year, showing each business trip, the destination, the reason for the trip and the distance covered. As an overall, it is a record of the total kilometers driven and the kilometers driven to earn business income.

Grapelime Solution

After the initial discussion the silent thought that we had was adding an accountant panel from which the users can share their trip info to their respective accountant. But only once the system has been molded to meet the basic functionality we launched a mockup version during the initial beta demo and the client loved the idea of an accountant panel and further, this new section played an important role in the application leading to become a main selling point.

Features & Functionality

  • Main admin can add & manage the users and control the financial year.
  • Users can pre-store their locations that they normally travel as short tags.
  • Users can add the trip starting address, multiple location and intermediate stops in a trip date.
  • Autofill of km traveled and time traveled of each trips using 3rd party distance matrix calculations
  • Purpose can be added against each trip.
  • Provision to add additional km traveled and time taken in the case of unexpected situation in the trip along with the reason.
  • Distinguishing personal trips and business trips and calculating the annual financial calculation accordingly.
  • Option to export or share trip reports to one or multiple accountant.
  • Collecting Odometer calculation & financial year for tracking on the km not logged on under personal or business trips.


  • Web technology-LAMP stack,HTML5,CSS3
  •  Database - MySQL
  •  Language - Php
  • Cloud Platform-Amazon AWS
  • Payment Gateway
  • Google distance matrix
  • Google map API

End Result

  • Users have a track of km he has driven for income purpose and the history of travel details.
  • The application served as a daily log of routs traveled and km covered from which the financial calculation can be accurately done.
  • It served as an efficient method of receiving the renewal payment annually without having to check the manual records on when each user completes their 365 days of vehicle renting or leasing period.

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