Air Purity Detection and Control System - Case Study

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Internet Of Things ( IOT) Application For Healthcare Industry

Client Profile

Our client belongs to the Advance Health Care industry with remarkable experience and ancestry decent in the field of hospital service which has lead to considerable number of patients from far away locations. Since technology is increasingly playing a role in almost all processes, from patient registering to live data monitoring from self-care tools, our client decided to implement an e-Health to ease the periodic medical checkup of patients residing in far away distance. The project got freezed mid way due to high end technology used,that's when the client approached us and we at Grapelime optimized the scope resulting in deploying the project within the timeframe set at the initial project kickoff.

Project Overview

The project involved development of a embedded system that is used to perform biometric and medical applications where body monitoring is needed by using 10 different sensors such as pulse, oxygen in blood, body temperature, electrocardiogram (ECG), glucometer, galvanic skin response, blood pressure, patient position and muscle/eletromyography sensor. The Data collected is send to the Cloud in order to perform permanent storage or visualized in real time by sending the data directly to a the Doctor in charge, Hospital officials & for the patient himself.

Grapelime Solution

Grapelime re-architected the entire system in such a way that the hardware utilizations are optimized in great ratio thus making it possible to add four times the functionality initially said by the client. Considering the hardware limitations the system was scaled successfully which could be run on limited resources like processing power, memory etc. There was a basic control panel in which the hospital authorities could manage the patients health records and understand the current status of patients as the data is send to the cloud from the patients system irrespective of his geographic location.

Features & Functionality

Admin-Hospital Officials

  • Depending on the sensors used by the patient, admin can see the particular medical health status.
  • Admins can allot test dates to the patient, for which the patients can use the system and send data.
  • Detail Reports are generated after each test.
  • Prescriptions can be viewed or updated as per test reports.
  • Threshold value can be set such that variation from the normal value can send an alert message directly to the doctor handling that particular patient's record.
  • Images or videos uploaded by the patient can be viewed by the admin.
  • Patient record can be imported/exported from the database to other hospital management system in case of emergency.


  • Patients can view the test date and automatic reminders are set ones the test date is confirmed.
  • Patients can select from the set conditions the ones he has followed for undergoing the test and send it along with the test report. (eg) Test should be taken 5 hours after consuming food (or) test should be taken in upright position etc.
  • Patients receive notification messages when a new prescription is updated.
  • Alert/Emergency message can be send to the admin.
  • If the test is not successful the system generates an error message mentioning the reason of failure.


  • Web technology- Arduino
  •  Database - MySQL
  •  Language - Php

End Result

  • Periodic medical check-ups can be done from patient's location itself thus making it easy for bed ridden patients and those who face discomfort to travel.
  • Patients/Admins can view the improvement graph thus helping them understand how effective the treatment is.
  • Provision to view the patient's records by the doctor at any point in time and make the necessary studies.
  • Exporting patients case file to other hospitals, ones the patient is in emergency or in need to consult at a different hospital.
  • The application solved all the problems of organizing and recording the patient health record from the date of registration to the current date showing all the problems faced and the treatment undergone at each stage.

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