Virtual ER’s for Medical Field - Case Study

Virtual ER’s for Medical Field - Case Study Image

Digital Platform for Healthcare Sector

Client Profile

Headquartered in US, our client is from healthcare sector with remarkable experience and ancestry descent in the medical field. Initially they contacted us with an idea to create a wieldy medical management system. Later as the discussion progress the requirement evolved as a concept of developing an integrated platform with analytical capabilities to enact digital campaign in healthcare sector.

Project Overview

The healthcare service marketplace is one of the demanding and vital industries in the modern world.Thankfully, the digital technology community is ready and willing to put its services and abilities to good use in support of healthcare professionals from all walks of life. Improving quality of life and sustaining health are one of the main assets, in integrating new innovations into medical field. In healthcare industry, the poise on medical technology cannot be overstated, and as a result of evolution of advanced technology, brilliant healthcare practitioners can continue to find ways to improve their practice- from better diagnosis, surgical procedures, and improved patient care.withal many studies have shown an inverse relationship between waiting time and patient satisfaction. This has become a major concern for hospital administrators and policymakers, since its the measure of organisational efficiency.The lack of digital self-service options drives high turbulence in healthcare sector, which led to medical lapse.And we realized the need for a digital platform to instantly connect patients to doctors in order to receive immediate help.

Our Challenges

To find a specialty-counterpart, diagnosis-accurate, skill-superb, reputation-high, and meanwhile cost-effective and distance-close, doctor is always essential for patients recovery, but not an easy job.The central challenge in this pact was: How do we deliver specific, actionable recommendations and advice to our healthcare client. As a pre-eminent associate in medical field, the client wanted to adopt the power of IT to improve the medical relation. The solution should be connect with a range of medical stakeholders to make it conducive .The system should be, in such a way that the patients can make surpassing link between the doctor. After extensive brainstorming deliberation, our clients decided to entrust the diligent methodological development team.

Our Solutions

We showed our client where they ranked on medical issues in relation to national averages. Most importantly, we were able to recommend specific actions they could take to improve patient gratification, health outcomes and business operations. Our team architectured and developed, the healthcare platform which is beneficial to sedulous doctors and patients. During the discovery and planning phase, our team evaluated the existing system, identified issues, and came up with a design to address the conventional problems.The solution leverages mobile and web capabilities to create an integrated platform to connect patients to medics in order to enhance medical relation.To ensure insights remain actionable, the solution includes a patient-doctor sentiment dashboard providing real-time views for medics while they interact with patients. This empowers clients to better respond to current patient issues, as well as further enhance the overall medical relation. UI and Ux designs enhances patient satisfaction,since it caters ease in usability and accessibility provided in the interaction with the platform.We had come up with an addendum which has the ability to interrogate queries to doctor in this platform, so as to bring a polished interaction.


We built an integrated custom digital platform for web and mobile that aggregate patients account accessible to distinct medical stakeholders providing an end-to-end patient-doctor interaction. The consultation time slots and date availability of medic is allocated by the medical assistants with endorsement of doctor.The sufferer was early diagnosed by a junior doctor, The application also has a feature to maintain a real-time patient records,video conferencing, audio calling and past appointments specifics, ensuring speedy and efficient patient recovery. The platform is created in such a way that each character is assigned different login and they can manage the roles allocated to them in their panel.

Key Features

  • Managed distinct profiles for doctors,patients,medical assistants and junior doctors.


  • Faster resolution of issues and on-demand service significantly enhanced patient satisfaction.
  • Patient can search a specific doctor or specialist according to his needs .
  • Patient has to fill out a form disclosing the symptoms , past medical history and can send queries regarding their ill health to particular consultant.
  • Teachers and parents can closely monitor the progress and learning curve of the students in different time intervals.


  • Patients will have direct one-to-one interaction with their doctors for which they don’t have to pay a visit to their clinic.
  • Update patient records based on observations made during the examinations.
  • Patients will have direct one-to-one interaction with their doctors for which they don’t have to pay a visit to their clinic.
  • Hold an in-built Payment option for the payment of doctor.

Junior Doctor

  • View patient’s health reports and diagnosis the illness ahead of consultant appointment.
  • Generate a medical report in H&P format by preliminary examination.

Medical Assistant

  • Medical assistant schedules the appointments and time slots with the reference of consultant.

Technology stack

  • Database : MongoDB
  • Front end : Angular
  • Back end server : node JS

End Result

  • The project is ongoing, so the team is continuously working on the improvement of the existing functionality, paying special attention to widely used parts of the system as well as creating new features upon request.
  • The enhancements made by our developers allowed for better-streamlined patient and doctor flow improves overall performance. One of the prominent features of our healthcare seamless integration with third-party applications like medical assistant and junior doctors.
  • Moreover, our team developed extensive features required for ONC certification which means that the software is capable of supporting providers with meaningful use measures.

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