We help startups to plan, build and launch the MVP application in less than 4 weeks

Absence of a resourceful technology partner, a clear vision, and an agile process is the case of failure for many startups. We help fill that void.

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Building your mvp product with us from scratch gives one big advantage. You don't have to explain anything twice. We start fast and our primary target is to launch your first mvp fast. For a startup time is the essence and with us, saving time is the biggest gain.


We understand the importance of analyzing and measuring customer behavior for an mvp product. We identify key points in your mvp and integrate efficient measuring tools. We help you to learn and use the analytic tool to your advantage.


Agility and adapting to the market is key to the startup and we know it more than anyone else. We work with you to analyze the customer feedbacks and think of necessary changes required in your mvp product. We support you to pivot, if needed or make radical changes to your product to ensure it fit the market.

Companies like Basecamp, Klout and Slack have outsourced their development. So why shouldn't you?

Validate the market with lightweight MVP

We work with our clients to identify the riskiest assumption associated with the idea. The MVP product need to be planned to test this assumption against the market. We define the shortest path to validate the market.

Identifying customer persona and usage behavior is vital to maximize the user engagement especially when the product is in its prototype stage. We plan the UX to compliment the product's functionality and optimize the lead conversion flow.

Process makes it perfect and faster

We follow Agile SCRUM methodology in our MVP development assignments. This allows you to respond to feedbacks quickly and make weekly releases with new features. To stay with the speed of the market is critical to the effectiveness of an MVP and we deliver just that.

With a strong grip in an array of technologies like NodeJS, AngularJS, PHP, IONIC, Python, Elastic etc. we possess the flexibility to switch to the best one suiting the scenario of the product.

It has been great to find a right tech partner which we were struggling from quite a long time to implement our ideas. They have always been very professional right from day 1 and have given us really good suggestions and technical advice to improve our product. Initially we were little concerned about our product since we were about to live , but they have been quite efficient in terms of technical support and we hope to start some our other projects very soon with grapelime as our tech partners.

Nishant Malik, Cofounder 99Buzz
Minimum Viable Product (MVP) is a great way to start when are not 100 percent sure about the market and make assumptions about it. Startups can iterate the mvp product version quickly with customer feedback to reach to a stable mature product.
There are several factors that can influence this decision.Following are the major ones.
  • If the entreprenuer is lacking the required technology skill or time to develop the product outsourcing is the better option.
  • In the early stages to keep the cost minimal it is better to not hire internal resources. This will eliminate the burden of creating a work infrastructure and managing a payroll.
  • Availability quality resources is a problem faced by even stable companies. So instead of wasting time and money on a wrong resource, outsourcing is preferred
  • One critical factor is the experiance of the technology partner in handling the lifecycle. A technology team with enough experiance will add tremendous value and increase the success chance grestly
There is no generic answer for this question as different ideas need different methods and will have different scope and cost. However the purpose of MVP is to keep the cost to the minimum possible. One prominent strategy in web or mobile based mvp product development is to identify a scope which needs less than 100 hours of work. In that way the cost will have a cap at 100 hours of work.
The steps are really simple and straight forward.
  • You will contact Grapelime using the contact form or details provided in our website to start the conversation.
  • We will fix up a mutually convenient time to have a skype call between you and account manager.
  • Based on the initial discussion, we will provide a rough plan on how to approach the project and how to plan an MVP within budget and timeframe.
  • Once the plan is finalised in one two iterations, we will provide you a detailed proposal with the functionality scope, technology details, plan, deliverables, cost and timeframe.
  • Upon confirmation and finalizing of the proposal and the completion of initial payment the development can start with no further delay as per plan