We have moved on from ice age -> iron age -> industrial age -> information age and now we are in the interactive/augmented reality world. Connectivity and accessibility is what we prefer and expect round the globe. The term cloud has been a buzz in the town since a long while now. Business growth is a phenomenal process and as the company grows so is the data, software and hardware requirement. It is practically infeasible to keep on adding or managing the database. That is when cloud computing has been opted. Cloud computing has favored by the method of pay as you go by being charged only with the computing resources that are used. Traditional routine of data center with appropriate measures of security, storage and maintenance, which may or may not be used to its full capability can now be overcome by cloud computing as it leverages for what is used. By cloud computing someone else can be responsible for IT needs while the company focuses on meeting the customers need proactively. Instead of running apps in-house it can now be run in shared data center. More over it is much easier to get started and cost far less compared to managing it ourselves as servers and hardware need not be brought, where in it is covered up in a predictable monthly/annual cost. Upgrades are performed automatically thus making sure that the security and performance is enhanced each time. Cloud computing is an important way to improve company’s bottom line by helping us focus on the company growth more rather than worrying about the software, infrastructure or the platform. A single vendor can be responsible to host software, infrastructure or platform which can be accessible from a device anywhere with an internet connection. Another reason to choose cloud as your hosting solution is when collaboration is required. Considering a big company with multiple branches and employees scattered unevenly, cloud computing can help in syncing up work and brought forward working anywhere at anytime outlook. In terms of security and stability, cloud is more dependable as service providers live up to their state of the art security. User authentication and data management is ensured by the service provider with utmost importance and made sure that data is been duplicated at different locations which can be used as a backup. Downtime are considerably low in the case of cloud computing. Scalability is another significant reason to scrape on cloud computing. It has the ability to build, deploy and manage applications as well as users and has the capability to expand within minutes. Want to kick start your business to cloud computing ? Grapelime Infotech has help implement services using the cloud and are well versatile and experienced in setting up aws,azure and google cloud and meet the highly variable demand of the client .We have helped all our existing and ongoing clients to migrate to cloud hosting solution at ease.  If you require any support feel free to contact us at grapelime.in/contactus