What is usability? Why is it so Critical? Well we will find it now. Ever thought about the situation when your application is launched which is the end product of years of planning, days of effort, hardwork of many and eventually it turns out to be far below average expected usage? But why? Poor Usability is the answer.

The application is developed based on current market demand with a combination of apt technologies and vibrant graphics. The only evildoer of this situation will be Usability! End users always prefer application that are extremely user friendly and does not put forward much log in procedures.

Apart from basic fields if irrelevant or unnecessary details are asked, user don’t wait to judge over and move on to the next available application since there is no dearth for application.

Users should be able to perform all the features intuitively without much lag or loading. Impatience and being cranky is the true nature of most of the end users, so developing any sort of application should be done considering such users because for an application to reach its true potential we need all sort of users being directly or indirectly involved.

Application performance is another reason for which the app may be trashed. Improving the performance has always been a critical section and the longer an application takes to load the more chances are there for the user to abandon it.

Application has always been on that hype because of its ability to solve the users needs faster than the conventional methods. When the user faces difficulty to access the basic features offered by the application then that turns out to be a misfortune.

Users will always have that reluctance to move over or try new application which may be due to the fact that they are so used to the currently using application and knows exactly what functionality each does.

This is what the developer should take note of and make sure that the application looks and feels user friendly and follows all the standard functionality.

At the first look itself the user should feel familiar with the on screen buttons or features and create no instance of confusion and should be able to follow the flow of the application.

Any person thinking with respect to the business side of the application will make sure that usability of the application is attained and take measures to cover up the reason for the user to toss the application.

Thus along with creating the application, usability should weigh the same importance from the scratch of the application to the final launching phase inorder for the application to pave way to cloud nine by reaching more end users.