Why Usability is important while developing your application?

What is usability? Why is it so Critical? Well we will find it now. Ever thought about the situation when your application is launched which is the end product of years of planning, days of effort, hardwork of many and eventually it turns out to be far below average expected usage? But why? Poor Usability is the answer. The application rolled out to the market is based on current market demand with a combination of apt technologies and vibrant graphics. Still you have not got the reach.  The only evildoer of this situation will be Usability! End users always prefer application that are extremely user friendly and does not put forward much log in procedures. Apart from basic fields if irrelevant or unnecessary details are asked, user don’t wait. They simply move on to the next Read More
determine software application cost

How to determine software application cost ?

To determine software application cost, if clear cut functionality and requirements is listed out then to an extent we can bid a cost . But there still lies a doubt about how accurately the cost can be predicted. An application development can be with few noisy coins or with fancy currency notes. But, by the end of the day what matters is if the output obtained is worth your pay. Before an application is created, questions such as “ What will be the cost ?“  “Could u tell me the estimate” will be a usual question and consultants come across these queries more often. Software application cost is purely based on features, complexity and platform  used. Also there will be significant difference between engaging a freelancer, off-shore development team or a prominent deve Read More

How Search Engine improves Application Performance ?

Search engines have become a part of daily information gathering as well as the most reliable source of access. Which is why application development and Search Engine improves Application performance Infact we can put together a search engine as a tool that plays a vital part world wide to search from anything to everything across the globe. We may find several multiple search result, but what catches the viewer’s eye limits roughly to the first 10 search options. Therefore everyone competes to rank higher in the search results. Keywords are the basic component which helps to rank well. To an extend Key words along with maximum number of clicks will help the link sustain in top position. Periodic updating of keywords and title tag will have greater impact in maintaining the posi Read More

5 steps to launch your MVP application in less than 4 weeks

                          Will it be possible to launch a beta version of your startup mvp application in less than 4 weeks? Yes, the answer is Minimum Viable Product. Many Lean startups actually does that and the advantage is huge. You can also make it possible by  following a well prepared MVP plan based on the steps mentioned in this article. If you are an entrepreneur with a very good insight about the market that you are targeting, have a deep pocket and enough resources and time, you probably can have a plan and budget which spans few months, as you can completely ready your product and plan before hitting the market. However if you are an entrepreneur, with a very limited budget, limited time, and fairly new to the target market but have an innovative idea tha Read More
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