5 Conventional Non-IT Businesses Leveraging Out Of Data

We all are aware of the importance of data in the 21st century and how data started increasing from daily basis to hourly basis. Record number of studies has stated that by 2020 there will be a massive generation of data or BigData which can be of no comparison to the present amount of data generation ratio. Data is been generated from everywhere through difference means that could be big or small, but a considerable collection of data forms BigData and is expanding. Every single data is valuable and pricy, provided we leverage it in the right way. Here are some instances of Non-IT business leveraging from data Means of transport leveraging from data We have come across situations where we find time-to-time variation in price for flight or cab booking. This is mainly do Read More

When to Choose Cloud as your Hosting Solution?

We have moved on from ice age -> iron age -> industrial age -> information age and now we are in the interactive/augmented reality world. Connectivity and accessibility is what we prefer and expect round the globe. The term cloud has been a buzz in the town since a long while now. Business growth is a phenomenal process and as the company grows so is the data, software and hardware requirement. It is practically infeasible to keep on adding or managing the database. That is when cloud computing has been opted. Cloud computing has favored by the method of pay as you go by being charged only with the computing resources that are used. Traditional routine of data center with appropriate measures of security, storage and maintenance, which may or may not be used to its full capabi Read More
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