5 Conventional Non-IT Businesses Leveraging Out Of Data

We all are aware of the importance of data in the 21st century and how data started increasing from daily basis to hourly basis. Record number of studies has stated that by 2020 there will be a massive generation of data or BigData which can be of no comparison to the present amount of data generation ratio. Data is been generated from everywhere through difference means that could be big or small, but a considerable collection of data forms BigData and is expanding. Every single data is valuable and pricy, provided we leverage it in the right way. Here are some instances of Non-IT business leveraging from data Means of transport leveraging from data We have come across situations where we find time-to-time variation in price for flight or cab booking. This is mainly do Read More

Basic things to know while developing first IOT Product

IoT has turned out to be a buzz word since a while now and still on fertile ground awaiting to be fully explored to its maximum capabilities. By internet of things what we mean is the ability to communicate and perform tasks manually without any intervention of human input signals. These tasks may be of daily requirement so that it reduces the time consumed by the user to initiate the task. Imagine your garage gate opens wide when your car reaches the driveway or your commercial building lighting's are sensor controlled according to the position of the sun, these are some of the instances in which IoT can be used. Source: Opentechdiary Any object which has a unique identifier and has the capability to transfer data without requiring human interaction using internet technology can be Read More

When to Choose Cloud as your Hosting Solution?

We have moved on from ice age -> iron age -> industrial age -> information age and now we are in the interactive/augmented reality world. Connectivity and accessibility is what we prefer and expect round the globe. The term cloud has been a buzz in the town since a long while now. Business growth is a phenomenal process and as the company grows so is the data, software and hardware requirement. It is practically infeasible to keep on adding or managing the database. That is when cloud computing has been opted. Cloud computing has favored by the method of pay as you go by being charged only with the computing resources that are used. Traditional routine of data center with appropriate measures of security, storage and maintenance, which may or may not be used to its full capabi Read More

When to choose hybrid over native mobile platform?

So, we have reached the stage  in which mobile apps are becoming the  key factor of a phone rather than the  basic phone-is-to-call concept. Let’s face  the fact that we live in a not so patient  society and no one is really ready to wait  for things getting done. We know what we  want and we want it right away that is when the apps rolled out. There is a large diversity of application presently available. Right from grocery shopping to tracking our health is been done from our smart phones using the respective application. The application being used purely depends on how friendly it’s UI and UX are. Once if the user feels any sort of discomfort in the application then there’s no further wait to switch over to a new application since we got umpteen amount of application avai Read More

How to determine the cost of a software application ?

Like anything else in this world, web/mobile application development is also the same; you are supposed to get what you pay for!!! An application can be developed with few noisy coins or with fancy currency notes. But, by the end of the day what matters is if the output obtained is worth your pay. Before an application is created, questions such as “ What will be the cost “ “Could u tell me the estimate” will be a tweaky question and developers who had not faced any issues in creating a complex application may face pain is solving such type of queries. The cost of apps is purely based on features, complexity and platform being used. There is a significant difference between engaging a freelancer, off-shore development team or a prominent developer. Prominent developers are op Read More
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