So, we have reached the stage  in which mobile apps are becoming the  key factor of a phone rather than the  basic phone-is-to-call concept. Let’s face  the fact that we live in a not so patient  society and no one is really ready to wait  for things getting done. We know what we  want and we want it right away that is when the apps rolled out. There is a large diversity of application presently available. Right from grocery shopping to tracking our health is been done from our smart phones using the respective application.

The application being used purely depends on how friendly it’s UI and UX are. Once if the user feels any sort of discomfort in the application then there’s no further wait to switch over to a new application since we got umpteen amount of application available in the stores.


Applications developed may be categorized as native or hybrid application. An application being developed for a particular platform in virtue of its operating system and benefiting from all the software present in that platform can be summarized as native application. Hybrid application is a blend of native and the HTML5 world. Overall we could put up hybrid application as a combination of the best and worst of both the worlds. The win ratio of a hybrid application depends on how similar it is with the native one and its lack to distinguish between the both.

The choice to develop a hybrid or native application is usually taken up by the developer because both the way the quality end result is the main objective of the client. Time is one of the predominant factor that decides if a native or hybrid application should be developed. If the desired time to launch the application is short then hybrid development will be opted since the same source code is sufficient for different platforms. Where as if we consider native development then discrete codes should be mapped out for each platform.

Cost has always brought second thoughts to clients mind. Cost factor of an application can be inferred from the post How to determine.... It is also an aspect which influences whether native or hybrid application should be constructed. Cost of native application will be way more than that of hybrid due to the need to implement distinct source code for each platform. Hybrid applications are preferred due to these outlooks, but still native application stays prominent as the full potential of the platform can be leveraged and inturn drive significant user experience. The Quality between both the applications is incomparable and only a person with high skills could develop a hybrid application with all the user experience that we get in native one. We aid clients with the right selection and implementation of native and hybrid application based on their business goals and also guide, support and monitor the apps 24*7 to bring out the best service. Have a confusion in picking the right technology for your new mobile app or Want to make a native or hybrid application?? Ping us at