blog picLike anything else in this world, web/mobile application development is also the same; you are supposed to get what you pay for!!!

An application can be developed with few noisy coins or with fancy currency notes. But, by the end of the day what matters is if the output obtained is worth your pay. Before an application is created, questions such as “ What will be the cost “ “Could u tell me the estimate” will be a tweaky question and developers who had not faced any issues in creating a complex application may face pain is solving such type of queries.

The cost of apps is purely based on features, complexity and platform being used. There is a significant difference between engaging a freelancer, off-shore development team or a prominent developer. Prominent developers are opted since its risk free and for the fancy names to be told when telling to a 3rd person. But do we really dig up on how much effort these big-shot people have put or if that’s the maximum productivity that we would have got???

Approaching a start-up or freelancer is like stepping on stumbling stone .There will be no clarity regarding when the project will be fully fledged or even if it would reach to that extend.

It’s always better to go to an intermediate firm. These companies will have skilled technical side to broaden the concepts in all aspects followed by strong interactive methodology making sure that they are available to solve the griefs of the client at any point of the day.

So the point here is, cost is directly proportional to complexity and the people handling it.

We at Grapelime infotech not only consider our services as work rather analyze the objective and prioritize the catchy factor which will help a non technical person to progress from his average margin thereby providing cost efficient services which would suit all wallet types without compromising on the quality. We will be an ideal companion for small scales as well as for larger firms.

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